Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Tobacco Trail, Wake County

Recently, we hiked part of the ATT in Wake County from the New Hill-Olive Chapel Rd. parking area to 64 highway, about 2 miles one way. This part of the ATT uses what they call screenings for the trail surface. It is essenitally crushed gravel and provides a pretty good walking surface when dry. There were lots of walkers, runners, joggers, bike riders and horses on the trail as it was "Saturday in Wake County" as we like to say. Really it could have been a lot more congested than it was. We only had to get out of the way of a couple of horses. One guy, dressed in black riding a black horse, was going at a full gallop going and coming. This trail really caters to horse riders. Just be careful where you step!

This section crosses a beaver kill apptly named Beaver Creek and at the 2 miles mark almost to Highway 64, there is a driving range with signs on the trail warning you about errant golf balls (not too cool if you get beaned by one, they hurt). This entire part of the ATT is approx. 5.5miles long according to the brochure but another section may have been added at this writing. One day we will go to the other end near White Oak Church Rd. to see for ourselves.

For more information, contact the park at (919) 387-2117.

Greenfield Park in Wilmington, NC

The week before Easter, we went to Greenfield Park in Wilmington, NC, just prior to the annual Azalea Festival. Greenfield Park is a large intercity park that includes a lake and a mostly sidewalk trail around the lake through neighborhoods surrounding the park.

The "trail" is about 4 miles. As you might imagine, there are azalea bushes everywhere and also lots of wisteria which smelled wonderful. There are lots of cyprus trees and "knees" along the lake shore and trail as well. This is a beautiful walk when the azaleas are in bloom. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yates Mill Park

Today, we went to Yates Mill Park off Lake Wheeler Rd., Exit 279 off 440, 2.8 miles south of the exit.

Yates Mill Park features a nature education and research center as well as a working water powered grinding mill for corn. The mill was not in operation today and it would appear that it is only operating on certain Saturdays. Call before you go I guess.

We walked the trail around the pond (approx. 0.75 miles)as well as the dead end trail (approx. 1.0 mile each way) that goes back in the woods next to the NCSU Research farms. This trail was extremely wet and muddy. We did not reach the end due to the wet conditions. Based on what we saw, this trail would always be wet unless extreme drought set in and then I'm still not sure.

The mill and pond are picturesque and we saw lots of deer tracks, Canada geese and dwarf trillium.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Alleghany section of Raleigh Greenway

We walked the Alleghany Trail section of the Raleigh Greenway today from North Hills park to Aldirt Root School at Lassiter Mill. This is a good hour round trip walk with down hill sections at the beginning and end of the walk which of course become uphill sections when you turn around.

Some Canada Geese were seen in the creek and on the creek banks. I think we saw 4 pedestrians and one bike rider and it was midday and a little cool. We heard a "plop" as we were walking by the creek - a muskrat jumped in the water. We followed him as he swam upstream. You get to see the back yards of some beautiful homes on this walk.

As you approach Root school at Lassiter Mill, the paved trail gives out to a foot trail over some large tree roots, a bridge and some wooden stairs, then you take the side walk down past the school to Lassiter Mill Rd.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lake Johnson

Today we walked Lake Johnson (proper), the paved 2.6 mile trail around the flood control lake. As soon as we started walking, my eyes started itching and my nose started running. Despite the rain all day yesterday and the storm overnight, there is plenty of pollen still in the air. The wind was blowing in gusts but the temperature was around 70. It was a beautiful day and almost shorts weather. We walked from the Lake Dam Rd. parking lot toward the boat house and even with a quick pit stop there, made it around the lake in 55 minutes. We saw where the trail spur at the dam crosses Lake Dam Rd. (Upper Walnut Trail) and will have to walk that next time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Welcome to our blog, a joint effort by the two of us, to record our hiking journeys, daily adventures and experiences. On average, we walk about 15-20 miles weekly and are always looking for new trails. We hope you enjoy our blog

Walked the Art Museum Park trails today. Please note if going, the Art Museum addition construction project is in full swing and getting into the museum grounds and parking is a little confusing. It looks like they are trying to get a new road graded and paved to make this easier.

We walked the Green Trail, Prarie Trail and House Creek Greenway trail across 440 to Meredith and back. It took us about and hour to walk these trails. There is not much in bloom at this time but we did see some Fiddle Head ferns along the Prarie Trail. Enjoy the pictures.

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