Friday, April 13, 2007

Alleghany section of Raleigh Greenway

We walked the Alleghany Trail section of the Raleigh Greenway today from North Hills park to Aldirt Root School at Lassiter Mill. This is a good hour round trip walk with down hill sections at the beginning and end of the walk which of course become uphill sections when you turn around.

Some Canada Geese were seen in the creek and on the creek banks. I think we saw 4 pedestrians and one bike rider and it was midday and a little cool. We heard a "plop" as we were walking by the creek - a muskrat jumped in the water. We followed him as he swam upstream. You get to see the back yards of some beautiful homes on this walk.

As you approach Root school at Lassiter Mill, the paved trail gives out to a foot trail over some large tree roots, a bridge and some wooden stairs, then you take the side walk down past the school to Lassiter Mill Rd.

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