Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where's Waldo?

Find the wild animal in this picture:

Can't find it? Look a little closer:

This shy creature is a North Carolina fox squirrel,the largest and most colorful tree squirrel in the state. We came across this little guy quite by accident as we were driving from Southport, NC, to catch the ferry to Fort Fisher. It was a treat to watch him.

A few facts about Fox Squirrels:

1) They are twice the size of the more common gray squirrels,
2) They are diurnal - meaning they are only active in the day,
3) They are solitary, asocial creatures except during mating season, &
4) They have a life expectancy of six-seven years.

The next time you are in the coastal plains of North Carolina, slow down and take a closer look at those pine-oak forests, you might get lucky and see one!

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